Fickle Humans, Fickle Life

I kind of don’t understand the fickle human I am sometimes. Like I have learned how to be vulnerable, why to do it and the support it brings and yet…. I don’t wanna do it all the time. I have learned the pattern of my mood and know when it severely drops and what I […]

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7 years.

Today marks 7 years since choosing to be in recovery from my eating disorder and to choose a healthy life living with a mental health disorder instead of being a servant to it. HUZZAH. PRAISE GOD. HOW DA HAIL HAVE I MADE IT. Honestly. I didn’t really know if I should even celebrate it this […]

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I know it’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I’ve written on this sweet ol’ thing & I really want to change that. I’ve actually been thinking about a lot of things in my life that I want to change so that I can stay present and live in the moment. One of those things was deleting my […]

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Love my baggage.

Okaaaaaay, before we read about Tanner’s awesome video art piece, I first need to give a little introduction about this gem of a dude. Tanner is one of the most real, kind and loving people I have ever met. He is the real deal. He’s so talented and he shares his talents in so many […]

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