To hell with art.

YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. To hell with it. I love looking at it, I love admiring it, but I LOATHE getting graded for it. You might say, “Oh, dear Emily. We all go through those classes that tell us we’re not good at something. We have our weaknesses but remember, remember dear one, your strengths.” […]

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Motion of Music

Preface: Ben is seriously one of the most KIND hearted and most WONDER-FRIGGIN-FUL people I have ever met. He’s a humble, talented dude and I feel super, suuuuper blessed to know him or even of him. Sign your autograph on my chaco’s PLEASE BEN!!!!!!!! Kiss kiss hug hug. ****By the way, link to his Spotify […]

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A big ol’ heart.

Sometimes I feel like it’s more a burden to have such a big, empathetic heart in a way. I mean, you feel your emotions so deeply and then you’re able to feel what others feel in the same manner. It feels like lately that I have people that I care about *so* much that have […]

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