Motion of Music

Preface: Ben is seriously one of the most KIND hearted and most WONDER-FRIGGIN-FUL people I have ever met. He’s a humble, talented dude and I feel super, suuuuper blessed to know him or even of him. Sign your autograph on my chaco’s PLEASE BEN!!!!!!!! Kiss kiss hug hug. ****By the way, link to his Spotify […]

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A big ol’ heart.

Sometimes I feel like it’s more a burden to have such a big, empathetic heart in a way. I mean, you feel your emotions so deeply and then you’re able to feel what others feel in the same manner. It feels like lately that I have people that I care about *so* much that have […]

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To: One of my favorite people

I know you’re struggling. I know you feel like you have to do it alone or that you deserve to be alone.…..who do you think that thought came from? I know the pain you’re feeling is excruciating and you don’t know when the hopeless feeling is going to let up. I know that you’re obsessing […]

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But Mama, graduate school?

Part of what people don’t tell you about growing up is that……. IT IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN KEVIN & TERI STOLWORTHY SHOWED ME. I don’t know how my parents were able to hide the stress, big decisions, quarrels, money issues, anxiety, etc. from my sisters and I but BRA-FRIGGIN-VO because I never knew that’s […]

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