But Mama, graduate school?

Part of what people don’t tell you about growing up is that……. IT IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN KEVIN & TERI STOLWORTHY SHOWED ME. I don’t know how my parents were able to hide the stress, big decisions, quarrels, money issues, anxiety, etc. from my sisters and I but BRA-FRIGGIN-VO because I never knew that’s […]

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Embracing your Inner Roommate

After many years of scolding myself at the thought of success, I can say confidently that I am doing well. Whole heartedly believing It is the premiere part. It is like being set free from a cage you have been trapped in unknowingly for the past 17 years. The past few weeks I have woke […]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about bodies lately. And by bodies, I don’t mean I’ve been checking out them boys at the gym and wanting to introduce myself whilst lifting 250 pound weights. I mean my own and how much of a wonder it really, truly is. I haven’t been the best at treating my […]

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He Who Must Not Be Named

      “Cancer,”  the solemn answer so often whispered when asked about a person’s devastating illness or untimely passing. When you say the word cancer, do you kind of whisper it? I do.  I wish I could remember the movie in which the characters talk about this- when a word is associated with death […]

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So many lights.

Have you ever had the lights in your own life grow dim and you just knew that a trial was headed your way? It’s as if you walked into a room that was fully lit and little by little, the lights in the room begin to dim and then all of a sudden everything goes […]

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You know, I can for sure say that 2017 was a rough, hard, shitty, refining year for me. Bless up. I actually felt ALL of my self-hatred. I didn’t understand how deeply rooted that self-hatred was/is. I didn’t numb out and because of that my emotions seemed to drown me when I let them in […]

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