Decisions, decisions, I actually made one.


I made a decision.

I know this may come as a shock to some, but alas it has happened; mama has changed.

I decided to actually make something more of these anxious babblings by having other people (that I admire & love the crap out of) to write their own (important) babblings to share, along with my own.

I also decided to make a Facebook page for it (what am I, a Luluroe distributor or an uprising DJ? Bless up.)

I just felt like it would be good to have more positive voices being heard and real stories being shown instead of all the fakeness that abounds in the social and real world.

Anywayz, I hope y’all will follow along and come to love the people I’ll have write on here with me as much as I do. They’re rockstars.


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